Aquatic and Fitness

Helping you be fitter, healthier and more active. A place where everybody is welcome.

The AIS Aquatic and Fitness Centre offers a unique experience to the general public in the facilities that were constructed for the development of high performance athletes.


There are often events held on the AIS Campus which can have a direct effect on parking for Aquatic Centre patrons. Please be aware of the following upcoming event:


When events are being held at GIO Stadium, Bays 1 and 2 are accessible and free of charge (until full) for Aquatic & Fitness Centre patrons - please inform carpark attendants on duty of the purpose of your visit when you arrive. Once Bays 1 and 2 are full, all other parking is subject to the conditions and fees imposed by GIO Stadium.

To access Bays 1-2, it is best to enter the AIS precinct via the northern end of Leverrier St to avoid any traffic congestion and accessibility to these bays.

When ticketed events are being held at the AIS Arena, parking fees apply for all those attending the event. However, those not attending the event at the Arena can access parking at no cost. Please inform carpark attendants of the purpose of your visit when you arrive.

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