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AIS Dining Hall

In the AIS Dining Hall you will enjoy a variety of healthy, nutritious meals alongside high performance athletes (included in all on-site stays).

All menus are designed by our world-class AIS nutritionists to support the dietary guidelines for optimal sports performance, enabling each high performance athlete to meet their specific nutritional goals for training and competition. This high performance athlete dining hall experience is extended to our visiting guests.

Meals vary each day with a range of hot and cold buffet selections, including a variety of beverages.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall meal times:

Breakfast: 6.30am - 10am (Sundays from 7.30am - 11am)

Lunch: 12pm - 1.45pm

Dinner: 5.45pm to 8.45pm

Packed lunches are available for groups that plan to be off site during the day.

HACCP certification

Trippas White Group (TWG) has received a HACCP certification for its food safety management at the AIS, adhering to stringent compliance regulations and demonstrating a commitment to preparing high quality food and proactively managing food safety.

The HACCP certification is an internationally recognised food safety tool that provides credibility and confidence in product quality. The program helps to assure regulating authorities that every reasonable precaution has been taken to ensure employee and customer safety is not compromised. The result is a reduced risk of unsafe products through the identification and management of food safety at critical control points.

For more information on the HACCP certification, visit

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Nutritious meals


AIS Sports Nutrition delivers a world-class sports nutrition service to AIS sports and national teams (including through the AIS Dining Hall at the Canberra Campus). They have created a wide range of resources to assist elite athletes, recreational athletes and the general public stay up to date with the latest strategies in sports nutrition, all of which can be found on the AIS Sports Nutrition website.