A.H. Beard announced as official bedding partner of the AIS

5 August 2016 By ExperienceAIS

As the significance of sleep for athletes rises, AIS chooses sleep experts A.H. Beard.

We are excited to announce the AIS has chosen to partner with leading manufacturer of quality Australian bedding and experts in sleep, A.H. Beard as our official bedding partner. As a part of the exciting collaboration both parties will research the impact of sleep on athletes.

The partnership will see A.H. Beard provide mattresses for the AIS Residences and AIS Altitude House ensuring that Australia’s top athletes are well rested night after night.

Group Manager – Marketing at A.H. Beard, Paul Blewett said that the team was thrilled to be working closely with the AIS Physiology and Recovery Teams to assist with research into the benefits of sleep and the development of sleep programs for recovery and optimal performance.

“A.H. Beard has long recognised sleep as the third pillar of wellness alongside diet and exercise. To have access to Australia’s best athletes as well as world class research teams from the AIS, will help us to continue improving Australian’s lives through better sleep,” said Blewett

Nathan Versey, AIS Physiologist said sleep is becoming an increasingly essential component of recovery for our athletes. “We’re excited to be partnering with A.H. Beard to help give our athletes a competitive edge and believe that athletes who experience the best sleep will perform at their best levels.”

Further to this, A.H. Beard’s commitment to innovation in sleep is seen with the recently launched Sleepsense®, the only adjustable bed in Australia with built-in sleep tracking capabilities that improves sleep quality over time.

Both the AIS and A.H. Beard agree sleep is a relatively untapped frontier for athletes to gain an edge and are excited to make improvements to the way Australian athletes sleep.

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