Turn Silver into Gold

17 March 2016 By ExperienceAIS

Did you know the AIS supports up to 800 athletes per year through the dAIS scheme?

Australians have an unquenchable desire for sporting success — to see it, to hear it, to breathe it.

Sporting dreams are never limited to elite athletes. They are shared with all Australians, who understand that becoming a champion is an extensive commitment. Athletes need support and time to train, recover and compete if they are to deliver the exceptional performances we have all come to expect.

dAIS provides $12 million each year to support up to 800 athletes competing in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports. Our ambition is to increase this to 1400 athletes being supported through the pathway. dAIS athletes receive a direct cash grant, so they can focus their time and energy on training. As well as supporting current podium finishing athletes, dAIS also provides support to a growing number of emerging athletes.

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Each athletes sporting journey is a long, challenging one. dAIS not only provides financial support but is a direct connection between an athlete, the AIS and every Australian.

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