AIS Sports Camps case Study: St Paul’s Elite Sports Performers Program

11 November 2016 By ExperienceAIS

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School have just finished their second biennial AIS Sport Camp and have quickly re-booked their third to return in 2018. 

Scott Armour runs St Paul’s Elite Sports Performers (ESP) Program (you can find them on Facebook @stpaulsesp) which supports and develops student athletes from any sport who are State level or above in their sport and the AIS sport camp forms part of this program. Currently they have over 60 students in the program from twenty-three different sports, approximately 25 of these athletes come to the AIS on the camp. Scott talked to us about the benefits the camp provides their students:

What activities and sessions did you take part in at the AIS?
We always have a full program. We book in theory sessions on Nutrition, Recovery, Strength and Conditioning. We do Practical sessions in Recovery, Strength and Conditioning, Self-Massage, Core Workouts, Swimming and Basketball. We also have presentations from Australian Elite Athletes as well as the tour of the facilities and Sportex on the first day.

What did the students like best?
The students love the ‘experience’ of living like an AIS Athlete – eating in the Dining Hall and staying in the Residences. They also love being able to learn through the practical sessions that are led by some of Australia’s most knowledgeable staff.

What did the teachers like best?

The Staff love the feel of the AIS. Everyone there is driven to be the best they can be so this creates a great atmosphere. Staff also really like how our students are given the best chance of improving their own performance by hearing and learning the latest information on body management and recovery. We have found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable who are also able to communicate this knowledge effectively to young athletes.

How have the students improved in their performance post the trip?

Our students return from the AIS extremely motivated to push even harder in their sport. It has been responsible for many of them taking their preparation, performance and recovery to the next level.

Why have you continued to come back to book camps here?

Our ESP program aims to provide our students with the best Holistic Athlete Development possible. We see the AIS as the best venue for our students to learn and be inspired. The feedback we get from the students who attend is always so great that we feel we need to give all of the students in our Elite Sports Performers program the opportunity to experience all the AIS has to offer.

Would you recommend other school sports teams take their students/athlete to the AIS for a sport camp? Why?
We would definitely recommend the AIS for a Sports Camp to other schools or teams. The sessions are excellent and are taken by staff who are leaders in their field. Experiencing the ‘feel’ of the AIS is thing that cannot be replicated by just visiting. The students love spending several days living like they are an AIS Athlete.

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